Whether you’re a professional sportsman or sportswoman, a CrossFit athlete, a gym addict, or are just looking for a pair of high-quality socks which allow you to express your personality on the daily - HEXXEE socks are for you.

Our socks have been purpose built for training & exercise. Plus, they’ve been tried and tested in most sports.

Our founders themselves are professional athletes who train everyday. And, with the help of other professional athletes in each sport, our HEXXEE socks have been proven to help you perform at your best in:

Cricket ✔️
Cross-Fit ✔️
Running ✔️
Cycling ✔️
Mountain biking ✔️
Skateboarding ✔️
Rockclimbing ✔️
Tennis ✔️
Netball ✔️
Football ✔️
Basketball ✔️
Volleyball ✔️
Lacrosse ✔️
Snowboarding (snow socks) ✔️
Skiing (snow socks) ✔️


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