Our Ethos

Did you know that approximately 8 million pieces of plastic enter the ocean every day? The amount of plastic wastage is increasing exponentially, damaging our beautiful world’s oceans, and impacting our health as well - with its toxins ending up within the food and water we consume. It’s pretty scary stuff! 

That’s why, here at HEXXEE we’ve gone out of our way, and made it our mission to do things right from day 1.

We are committed to fighting sustainability and this is demonstrated throughout our manufacturing cycle via our aim to use recyclable material as much as possible in the creation of our products.

Our new clothing range also benefits the environment as it is made from 85% Organic ring spun combed cotton and 15% recycled polyester.


We are proud to say that all HEXXEE products are manufactured right here in the UK. This allows us to have close control of the amount of energy used in creating our products and to keep an eye on any wasted materials. We also recycle any socks that aren’t up to “standard",  donate them to homeless charities and we have also donated some of our products to impoverished communities in Africa.


When it comes to our packaging, our sustainability ethos is at the forefront - we firstly use recyclable cards to wrap our socks, then the socks are sent in 100% biodegradable zip lock bags which means they leave no carbon footprint at all.

Sustainability Matters

Here at HEXXEE we believe in helping the world we live in and doing all that we can to ensure that we are not contributing towards the planet's battle with plastics. We are all health conscious athletes at HEXXEE and each member of our team makes it a priority to ensure we have a positive impact on the environment every day.