HEXXEE. How It All Started

HEXXEE was an idea that stemmed from a pretty simple moment. 

I (Ben), was sick of buying £15 pairs of STANCE socks. So, I basically thought, fuck this, I can do better. Or at least try. I took the idea to my best friend, Jon, and, over a very informal dinner (Wings & a Duck Salad), we bounced ideas back and forth to see if it was possible. Right there and then, it happened. A ‘fuck it’ moment - let’s just do it. 

Luckily, Jon owned a printing company, and, a little like Ben, was an avid wearer of funky socks. With an initial idea to be predominantly a grip sock company (due to Ben’s background in professional sport), they created two separate socks; one Pro-Performance Grip Sock, and a collection of Funky Socks that you see today. 

With Pro-Performance Socks being a niche market, we wanted to hit a wider audience, and so we expanded on the Funky Sock idea (due to the popularity), and found our place in the market. 1 design led to 10, 10 designs led to 100, and we find ourselves where we are today, with 150 designs. 

So, if you’re interested, we can tell you a little about the logo (and, if not, go buy some socks instead). 

The HEXXEE logo was based around the universal ‘PLAY’ logo (the triangle logo) you’d see on Netflix & PlayStation and used deliberately to identify that these socks are socks you’d play in, train in and be active in. Then we added a hexagon around the PLAY logo. This was because our pro-performance grip sock features an interlocked hexagonal mould on the sole - a design no one else has used. 

We are also incredibly conscious of the impact the clothing industry has on the environment, and we have always worked hard to make HEXXEE as ecologically friendly as possible (without compromising on our product). For example, since day 1 we have used;

  • 100% compostable mailing bags
  • 100% biodegradable outer packaging 
  • Both our T-shirts and Hoodies are 100% organic cotton 
  • Anything that doesn’t meet our standard in terms of printing we donate to our local shelters (one in Worcester, and one in Birmingham)

As a business, and as a brand, we are incredibly passionate about what we do. We truly believe we are onto something, and we truly believe in the product we sell. We wouldn’t do it otherwise. We genuinely wear our socks, every. Single. Day. And we are only ever expanding our range, and working hard to ensure they are the best and diverse range of funky socks on the market. 

“I’ve been lucky enough to have played professional sport for 11 years now. And in my sport (cricket) games last for 4 days, which consist of 7 hours of playing each day- so I fully understand the importance of comfort while being on your feet! 

I had bought numerous pairs (too many pairs) of STANCE socks but they always had the same problems. The heel would go thin and the softness of the material changed almost immediately after the first wash. So after experiencing the same issues time and time again, along came that ‘fuck it’ moment (great book btw), lets have a go at making my own.

It took over a year for us to get the material blend to the product we have today. Through hours, days & months of trialling different socks (sometimes at the same time) we got to the level of product we have today. And without fail, I put HEXXEE socks on every morning, they put a smile on my face and I couldn't be happier with the product we’ve created” Ben Cox- Co-Founder 

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